Britain’s #1 surreal comedy web series… presumably (We’ll look into it)

HAND ISLAND NEWS – glitzy local premiere of ep. 5…without the glitz


WOW!! Last night was the premiere for all those who couldnt make it…for those that did theres a small chance you are aware that it happened!!

either way..It was amazing!! we had to put more chairs at the back and there was a bar and people and  a toy tiger, alex, me and …..everything!

Thank yo so much to all those who could make it, we have never felt so weepy in all our days doing this ‘handjob’. It really looks like episode 5 was a great success. We will release a small vid of peoples reactions in the next few days (months/years)… we also raised £73 for wokingham mencap…nice work bruvs

for all those who couldnt make it epsiode 5 will be online in a few days…in the meantime shall we create a buzz? (by ‘we’ i mean ‘you’). Please invite everyone you know to join our facebook group (click the facebook tab on the top right corner of this page, add your sexy self then invite others in the usual fash (ion) and tell them about, lets aim high and see if we can get at least one and a half new members by next week!!

thank ye all again for making my mouth corners almost turn slightly up from the neutral position…. we is v chuffed


Posted in Web series news by Ash on June 4th, 2010 at 2:41 pm.

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  1. piccy now available on the facebook group innit

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