Britain’s #1 surreal comedy web series… presumably (We’ll look into it)


Alright bruvs and sis’s, just a quickie to say check out the group page (link via facebook tab on right of the page or search for ‘hand island’ on facebook) for pics from episodes 4-6 shooting many moons ago….personally i was really hoping they might go away but they didnt so hopefully releasing them will shut a few people up!!!!!!

…inside you will find many angles of my nipples and glorious belly, simon ‘sound man’ norman oralising a gun and alex staring at a cup of sick….there is no more to life!

in other news, ep 5 is so close you could smell it if it smelt. also the glorious hivemind of ash and alex has been in some discussion today and we will be releasing our long awaited shop v v v v soon… we will notify thee in due course…

speaky soony

luv ash


Posted in Web series news by Ash on April 22nd, 2010 at 1:18 am.

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