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Episode 6: Passing about in a pissage

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To fully enjoy this episode please click play and then pause it. Go make a cup of tea or get a beer etc while the video buffers (the little grey bar gets all the way to the end). It should only take a few minutes and is worth waiting for – Vimeo is a bit slow at peak times and this will stop it from pausing mid way.

If you have a really slow internet connection or it doesn’t want to play on your pc properly then click the HD button to put it in standard “low quality” mode.

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Having been taken into The Native’s sweaty hands, Wade now finds himself up someone’s tunnel…nude! And to make
matters worse he’s freshly shaven!

Yes that’s right…it’s going to be one of THOSE kind of episodes!

Meanwhile Alphonse & The Boss discover Vinny wrapped around someone’s pipe…The Advisor is spraying his dominance over a naughty threesome…and Colin loves cock…ing things up!

Hand Island…as sophisticated as Stephen Fry’s bi-curious shoe-shine boy!!

Carry on Hand Island!

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  1. Help spread the word and Like us above. The invasion of facebook begins!!!

  2. Hehe :) made me chuckle a lot this time :) hope episode 7 isn’t to far behind! keep up the good work x

  3. Loved it! :)

    Favourite part – the ‘flashback’. I will say no more… ;)


  4. Whaaaaa!! Too scary. Just Passed my Pints.

  5. “I’ve got parents boss”
    “No Alphonse…no…”

    Brilliant! Literally cannot wait for the next episode/s, so much so that I might have to induce a coma to ease the wait!

    I can honestly say this goes in my top three, for comedy shows. Keep ‘em coming!

  6. Alex-Fantastic Jan 24th 2011

    Ha Ha :)

    “Hand Island – coma inducing entertainment!!” Quite possibly the best review we’ve ever had…apart from “what the fuck am i watching” from Trevor McDonald!

    The next set of episodes are looking amazing. I can’t wait to get them up on the site. I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised by them :) Best ones so far i would say.

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