Britain’s #1 surreal comedy web series… presumably (We’ll look into it)

Credits for episodes 1 2 3

Director Ash Parker
Written By Ash Parker and Alex Robinson
Executive Producers Ash Parker and Alex Robinson
Producer James Witcomb
Video Post-Production Ed Howard (
Director of Photography Nicholas Peel
1st A.D Alastair Ferran
Camera Assistant Antony Lane
Sound recordists Simon Norman and Jake Almond
Boom Operators James Witcomb and Andy Blair
Puppet Design and Production Liz Causton
Puppeteers Andy Blair, James Witcomb, Nicola Peters and Simon Norman
Hair and make up Bex James
Costume Design Hayley Chewter
Production Assistant Rozi Morton
Runners Jemma Gooch and Greg Pike
Sound Designer Simon Norman
Original Music Simon Norman ( and Jake Almond (, and Dominic “Dig” James
Additional music ‘Trick of the Light’ by The Fires
Additional music Trailer theme tune by Dominic “Dig” James
Web Distribution and Development Dave Grey and Andy Blair
Photographer Andy Blair
Colin Smee Alex Robinson
Vinny Garrett Bex James
Wade Rogers Ash Parker
The Native Katherine-Ellen Kotz
The Advisor Baron Sex Lion
Mr Deuce Don James
Mr Gamble Geoff Lomax
The Boss Mike Facherty
Alfonse Alex Robinson
Security Guards Leigh Martin and Steve Hayward
Special Thanks

Libby and Tony Parker for their love, support and props making genius, Dawn & Nick Cox for encouragement, faith and passing on their brilliant sense of humour, Berkshire Rooms for their generosity and kindness, Tim Lewis without whom the final scene (ep. 3) would not exist, Andy Blair for doing 87 different roles with style, grace and without a single swear word, James Witcomb for allowing us to destroy his car, Carol and Les Witcomb for loaning us their house, Nicholas Peel for providing all the equipment and possessing the technical knowledge of a 50 yr old D.O.P at the tender age of 21. Alistair Ferran for not killing Nicholas Peel or his equipment (not totally anyway!) during the car accident and for buying healthy food on set even though we all hated it, Simon Norman for almost retrieving a prop from the depths of the ocean and for making the weirdest neon fluffys you could ever imagine.
Lastly we would like to say a generally huge thank you to all our friends, family and significant others (not Fred durst) who have made this possible, and not only possible but a series which for its budget (none) is nothing short of ‘splendid’. We owe you all summin spangly.

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  1. i stumbled upon this don’t ask me how but the streaming sucks. i am in spain and its daytime in the USA vimeo time. why…..and i think from what i see so far its bloddy brilliant

  2. that would be “Bloody” not bloddy although bloddy sounds like a great new word

  3. hey fay im really sorry you had problems streaming, this is a common problem here as we have a bit of a HD fetish. there are a few things that can be done, first of all when you load the video try clicking the ‘HD on’ button at the top right and change it to HD off, this buffer a bit quicker. If this doesnt help please visit our youtube channel at

    or our dailymotion channel at

    I hope this helps, please let us know if you like the show



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