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Once people had stopped mucking about in World War 2 and everyone had returned to work, a number of German soldiers became stranded in England – failing to remember where they’d put their return flight tickets, five years before! (Fact).
One such soldier had been deployed to London with a single landmine, where he was to wait inside a Thornton’s chocolate shop and blow away members of the upper-class. However, after leaving his landmine on the tube (somewhere on the metropolitan line) he arrived unarmed at Thornton’s and fatefully met the love of his life. The beautiful (in that fat sort of “oh well it’s the war” sort of way) Shop keeper’s daughter.
At the age of 51 the shop keeper’s daughter gave birth to 3 beautiful boys – and they grew up to be in the same class as the current Deuce and Gamble security team. Weird!

Voted Most Likely To:form a new dance group to rival ‘Diversity’…presuming such a group will exist in the future…As this was written in the past…obviously’

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