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Colin is a normal, if not slightly cowardly man, who due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time is now believed to be the Manager of a very exclusive, very secretive place known as “Hand Island”.

His job is to simply populate the island with hopeful applicants… but as Colin learns more about his new home, mysteries soon begin to unravel. Like why does his boss only communicate through a 3ft tall, cuddly toy tiger? Why is there a group of Thespians trying to blow up the island? And what is the cause of the hazardous epidemic sweeping the Island?

Along with his friends; Wade (his kidnapper), Vinny (a violent lady also trapped on the island) and a kind spirited… yet completely insane local woman known only as ‘The Native’, Colin must solve the mysteries behind Hand Island… whilst making sure the islands owners do not discover they have hired the wrong man!

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When creating Hand Island, our aim was to make a comedy show that wasn’t just a series of “stand-alone” episodes, what we wanted was a strong plot-line that continued each week. If something happened in episode one, it wasn’t forgotten in episode two…with everything resetting back to normal.

We like to think that Hand Island gains it’s originality by blending the styles of some of our favourite shows. The surrealism of “The Mighty Boosh” and “The League of Gentleman”; the unexpected plot twists of “Lost”; the gripping drama of “Neighbours”.

Hand Island (series one) originally consisted of ten episodes, each running around 45 minutes long. However, when it was decided to release them as a web-series, these episodes were split into three for easier viewing.

What next? Why not start watching the series or find out about the islands inhabitants.

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